BhARTi Taylor

Hi there!!

Welcome to BhARTi Taylor Designs. 

I am a Visual Artist and Designer.  I have been creating and doing art ever since I was young. Art,design,color and shapes are my passion. I love to paint and creating is a large part of who I am. My dream is to color your world with my Art! I would love to add a part of myself through design to your space. I live in New Zealand and enjoy creating Art,music,poetry and books and have sold my designs all around the world. The creative world is amazing and interesting, limitless. Each day I wake up and listen to all the sounds of creation, look at all the colors and shapes and use it to inspire me with my artworks.

I have many exciting products such as designer shoes, home decor, clothing and much more.

I am very pleased to meet you and thank you for visiting my Shop and may your purchases continue over time.

Thank you

BhARTi Taylor

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